Our Story


we believe when you make products from the soul, they heal. 

fresh. simple. soul rituals. 

using old hoodoo alchemy to satisfy modern day beauty needs, with the rawest, most natural rooted ingredients.

wake up and live
— grammy dot

how it all started

we are responsible for the way we choose to move through the world. i choose steps that will have the most positive impact. i choose to discover the lessons of my ancestors and share them with those that care to listen. i choose to create products that recharge the soul.

five years ago, in a rush to straighten up the bathroom before heading to work i knocked over my facial cleanser. instantly, i could not recognize any of the ingredients; and realized how disconnected i had become or perhaps always had been, with the daily hygiene products i was putting on my body. at that moment everything shifted. i drafted a list of clean ingredients, after hours of online research and rummaged through every drawer and cabinet in my apartment discarding everything that did not pass my "clean" ingredients test. i threw away beauty products, hair care products, body care products, cleaning products, food and food seasoning, pots, pans, plastic water bottles, even clothing articles. the more i read, the more i discovered, and i was shook!

organically, i drifted towards, veganism, minimalism, mediation and yoga. despite, there being tons of "natural" skincare and bodycare items in market, i could not find products that felt "raw" and "authentic" to me.  i wanted to know how my ancestors cared for their skin, and thus became the beginning of my fascination with discovering how rooted ingredients heal the body, and ultimately align one's mind, body and soul.