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Vessels of great intentions. Each represents its own divinity. Hand poured with love and purpose. Allow your heart to source that which calls you... the heart knows what the heart wants.

100% soy
100% vegan

Air: if you are a dreamer this is candle for you! Light this powerful vessel while meditating on something you want to come to fruition.

Earth: Great for grounding and calming your spirit. Those with heighten anxiety could really benefit from the burning of this vessel. Also great for drawing in money and deep rooted success

Fire: Use this vessel to harness a passion. Light and focus of the ideas that bring you the most joy and then write a simple outline of how to achieve this passion. The fire vessel can also be used to gain the interest of a lover or create a deeper love bond.

Water: Reflections, water is the greatest source of reflections. This vessel can be used to wash away and restore. Also, packed with tons of fertility elements, fertility in both a physical and mental/ spiritual sense.